Welcome to eide.org: I’m Håvard Eide – developer & flytyer, running several flytying and flyfishing related sites.

I tie mostly classic salmon patterns for fishing: for me the classic salmon era is something that really interest me – the patterns, the history and the craftmanship it is to tie up the patterns from a old time. I think it is important to maintain this tradition to keep it alive and moving forward!
I also tie and fish for trout, seatrout, grayling and char.

You can find me on some other sites:
Facebook:  facebook.com/haavardeide
Instagram:  instagram.com/haavard.eide
Twitter:  twitter.com/eide

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Flyhooks.org is a index over past and present flytying hooks: with a search and pictures of hooks against the same milimeter background it makes it easier to see differences and similarities between hooks from different producers.


A community for flytiers.


My personal flyfishing/flytying blog with updates related to the sites I run and new patterns I have tied up.


A aggregated list of the latest blog posts from many flytying/fishing related sites.


A site similar to flyhooks.org – a index of flyfishing rods. This has not been updated for a while, but this will be fixed very soon



In my day-job I work as a developer and manager: from small teams to large, international companies. I have worked with a multitude of systems, but mostly with backend development and automation.

Key technologies: PHP, Node, python, aws, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Companies: Fronter, Schibsted, Telia