Flora and Fauna

This week I ended up at the nmwl meeting where topic of the night was Flora and Fauna – this is the unofficial name of a series of malt whisky from Diageo/United Distillers ( originally coined by Michael Jackson after the decor on the bottles, and the term just stuck), we tasted 5 different bottles and was accompanied by a very good lecture on the different bottlings and general information regarding Flora and Fauna.

Glenlossie 10yo 42%

Nose: light acidic with some fruits and salt ( hint of citrus actually as well )
Mouth: a very light hit on the tounge ( some grass and fruit ), then some spices that went over in a very dry finish
A very light drinkable malt, verdict: 8.2/10

Balmenach 12yo 43%

Nose: caramel and liquorish, very smooth
Mouth: the soft caramel, almost some sort of candy, the sherry cask is here, no doubt about that! The first hit is hard on the mouth with a bit of sulphur but then smooths out a bit and leaves a sweet aftertaste on the lips.
This one is best on the nose, but had some interesting aftertasts, but left with a bit too much on the sherry side, verdict: 7.8/10

Glen Elgin 12yo 43%

Nose: apples, green apples and some rasins
Mouth: spices on the tounge, a bit “raw” on the initial hit, but was a very drinkable bottle. Finishes up with the rasins from the nose.
Liked this one a lot, wouldn’t mind a bottle if I can find one, verdict: 8.4/10

Benrinnes 15yo 43%

Nose: caramell and apples, sweet sherry and a hint of smoke.
Mouth: spices! then some sulphur and a bitter finish that didn’t leave this bottle very high on my ranking for the evening, verdict: 7.5/10

Craigellachie 14yo 45%

Nose: light and fresh smell with fruits and grass, this one I could like!
Mouth: this was enjoyabale with a round sherry/caramel taste that had a very long finish ( compared to the other 4 bottles ). Verdict: 8.3/10

Another good evening at the malt whisky association, and I would get a bottle of the Glen Elgin if I got the chance.

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