Today I have set up a site that aggregates whisky blogs and news from around the world into one easy-to-read overview of what’s happening in the whisky world.

The site fetches RSS feeds from various sources that I have picked out on a regular basis (once every hour ). You can of course use google reader or any other RSS reader, but with a planet site you don’t have to go out and find the sites, I’ll find them and put them up there as they appear ( there is even a feed that you can use in your favourite RSS reader if you prefer that ).

I would love some feedback on the site and tips on others sites that could be included.

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  1. Would you consider putting Tocasaid on Planet-Whisky? Hope you can! A reciprocal link can be put for PW on Tocasaid too.


  2. I have added your site to planet-whisky

  3. Would you consider adding the RSS feed from

  4. Hi there,

    wondering if there’s any chance of getting the Master of Malt blog listed on here? we’d be delighted to list your site on Master of Malt in return as soon as we’ve got our links page up?



  5. Ben & Whisky Party: I’ve added your sites to

  6. Hey there,

    would it be too much to ask you to add WhiskyIsrael to the RSS?


    Gal , WhiskyIsrael

  7. WhiskyIsrael is now on

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