4 years ago I wrote a small program called phpm that I used for php function lookup when coding in vim. since then I’ve crossed over to ZendStudio and I’m now using that for my everyday work. But: every now and then I’ve had requests regarding phpm and if I can’t digg up the sources, […]

Firebug workgroup

Firebug is a tool I’m using on a daily basis, and the workgroup is now being built up. I was reading a post on that John Resig will now spend 50% of his time on Firebug: Starting this week about half of my time at Mozilla is going to be spent driving the direction […]

Design Patterns

As a programmer you will after a time start to recognize certain patterns, or things you have been doing in the past repeating itself over and over. You are not the first: a design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem and will help you when it comes to solving your […]