Håvard Eide

Oslo, Norway

Developer & flytyer

I have worked for 15 years as a web developer in Oslo, working on Learning Management System, APIs, identity, leading department and teams, b2b and crunching data in the datalab.

Flytying is my passion.


As a developer I have worked through all layers: from backend development to leading large (and small) teams. Thrive in backend logic and making sense of data.

I believe in using the right tools and not rely on the (currently) highest rated language or application. A pragmatic developer working in a realistic world.


Oslo Origo

Developer at Oslo Origo - building a dataplatform to let the municipality share data and create services for the people living in Oslo

Technology: Python, Kotlin, aws


Flyfish Europe

B2B developer for one of the largest importers of flyfishing gear in Europe (Simms, Scott, ww-l)

Technology: Node.js, mongo, aws, Preact

Developer, Development Manager


Developer on a newly started datalab that was set up to make sense of telco data. Joined Division X and was development manager for the Norwegian branch.

Technology: Pig, aws, Kafka, data-harvesting in whatever language and backend that was needed



Backend developer on one of the largest ID and login systems in Norway.

Technology: PHP, MySQL

Developer, Lead, Manager


Developer, team lead and development manager on a Learning Management System

Technology: PHP, MySQL


Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Bachelor of Multimedia

University of Bergen, UiB

Grunnfag Psykologi, psychology

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU

Grunnfag medivitenskap, media, tv, press, film


I develop and run several sites dedicated to flytying & flyfishing, all are written and developed by myself

A index over past and present flytying hooks: with a search and pictures of hooks against the same background it makes it easier to see differences and similarities between hooks from different producers.

A site dedicated to preserving historic fly patterns from early flytying books

My personal flyfishing/flytying blog with updates related to the sites I run and new patterns I have tied up.

A aggregated list of the latest blog posts from many flytying/fishing related sites.

Flytying & fishing

My passion is flyting and fishing: I run several sites dedicated to the topic and spending time on the vise is meditation in the developer-centric world I have at work.

There is no style I don't tie, a pragmatic flytyer with a keen interest in the historic values: the patterns, history and craftmanship.

We need to maintain the tradition in order to keep it alive and be able to move forward